Family adventure

When I first came to Tolmin I was single, with no kids in my mind. Soca Valley seemed to me as one big adventure with water sports; kayak, rafting, canyoning and hydrospeed, horseback riding and sunsplash reaggae festival. All of this happened 19 years ago. I knew immediately I’ll come back soon. I came back so often I finaly stayed. For good.

Now I have two kids and I believe everything is even bigger adventure. We walked all hills and mountains in the neighborhood, searched caves and bunkers, my son is training kayak, we all ride SUP* on the nearby lake. I think here is a paradise for families with small or bigger kids. There are so many things to do. You should make long holiday stop here.

My cousin visited with me last year. She lives in France with her family. Well I am writing this because I think it is important to share. Her sons said it was one of the best holidays ever (they are 18 and 20). And what did she say? They spent here 6 days and it was total reneval for her. She works in a stressful enviroment in Geneve, she needed short and active break with no stress. We totaly succeeded.

So what did we do? We were SUPing every day, we went hiking to Javorca (church from 1st world war) and planina Polog, to nearby hill Senica, we cooked tradional local foods, experienced the Tolminka gorge with its narrow bridges and paths, we went rafting with mini rafts. I think this was the funniest part of their holiday. The Soca is very rich with clay. So we covered our bodies with clay – the best way was to throw it into each other. We left it to dry on the sun, and then we had to wash it away.

During her stay my cousin had to do some stuff for her work every morning from 8 to 10 (two hours). She went to coworking space in Tolmin so she could work in peace and didn’t bother anyone with her talking on a phone.

*SUP – stand up paddle, water sport.