Pop-up store

We live in a fast changing era. New kinds of representing our business are emerging. One of them could be also pop-up store. We offer excellent place to present your products to the public on a single or regular event. It is perfect to try the market when you start a business.


We are settled in an old part of Tolmin. Our coworking space can be used for different events. We offer different options of rental – whole office, part of the office, team to organize event. Call and together we will find the best solution for you.

Coworking Office

Need a space for work? You would like to work in a cooperative company? Coworking office is a right choice for you. Coworking office is not just an office. It is also working in a collaborative workspace. Sharing experiences.

Baza v številkah

Size in m2
Working spaces
Nr. of users
Users at workshops


Matic Lesjak


Luka Rejec, Youjiin


Nina Trušnovec

Direktorica, Arhitektka in notranja oblikovalka

Lawrence Squire

Our top seller, idea treasurer

Nataša Hvala

Finance, Illustrator, web designer


There are no upcoming events at this time.


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Coworking Baza Office

Cankarjeva ulica 3

5220 Tolmin

e-mail: cw.tolmin@gmail.com

phone: + 386 51 602 326